Financial Counselling—Catholic Care

For appointments call: (02) 8843 2500

A free, confidential financial counselling service, which provides highly skilled, impartial advice personal finances and debt problems.

This service is available on:

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 9am—4pm


Before & After & Vacation Care    4578 3442

Provides care and activities for school aged children up to 12 years before and after school. We also cater for school aged children during school holidays The centre is open Monday to Friday . Ring for Information and Booking.


PRA Hawkesbury WestClub     9393 9121 or 0438 614 887

A support group for people living with mental illness to socialise, engage with their community and gain support from staff and peers.

Thursdays only  10am—3pm


Merana Aboriginal Community Association for the Hawkesbury Inc.

Merana Aboriginal Community Association for the Hawkesbury Inc. is the first Aboriginal organisation in the Hawkesbury LGA and was established to support all Aboriginal people in the community. Merana was incorporated in 2003 to assist in giving Aboriginal people a voice and to raise awareness of Aboriginal issues on both a local and national level. Merana's continuing objective is to develop, support and implement programs, positions and resources that meet the needs identified by the Aboriginal people.

(02) 4588 5144

Outreach and regular service providers at the centre

Other services based here

Richmond Community Services Inc. & Neighbourhood Centre

20 West Market Street

P O Box 260

Richmond NSW 2753

Tel: (02) 4588 3502    Fax: (02) 4578 3322

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